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Meet the Mistress Matisse

Welcome...I am glad you are here.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced submissive, there are things that you should know about me, the Mistress Matisse.

I have been doing dominance and submission and SM for ten years in my own life and four years professionally. I am a "lifestyle" Mistress, although personally I don't care for that term. What I do say is that this dynamic, this way of relating to another person, the magic that can be created - it is very close to my heart, it is at the center of who I am. To me, this encompasses the mind, body and soul.

There are many ways of being a dominant. I respect other Dominatrixes in all their different styles. But I think there are misconceptions in the world about how one must behave to be a Domme. I am not an angry person. I do not hate men, and want to punish them out of that hatred. I do not think of the men who come to me as inferior to me by definition.

I am a very powerful woman...

I have the ability to take people on journeys into places they have not been, and make them feel things they have never felt. But all those things - the places, the feelings - already exist within the person. I have the ability to see the potential, to direct the journey, to shape its path - but I do not create something in people that was never there before. Each one of you has something special inside you - I can unlock that and bring it out.

I value the men and women who give me their submission. It is a gift of trust - and I do not abuse it. The things I do in my sessions may be physically or psychologically intense. But I respect each individual's stated limits, and no matter what, I do not cause permanent damage to anyone. I am sadistic, and I can be extreme - but I am also a caring and ethical person. Besides... the Mistress must take care of her toys - so she can play with them over and over and over again...

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